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    Drop Cable Pre-connectorized
        Publish time 2020-08-06 12:19    

    Drop Cable Pre-connectorized

  • Fiber optic SC SM pre-connectorized FTTH drop cable

    FTTH Patch cord refers to the drop cable ends with a connector plug, used to achieve optical active connection, also be made into a single head pigtails, and Flexible Splice, Quick connect and other products combined application, Connector types are SC-PC(APC) and FC-PC(APC) , For FTTH project corridor boxes, drop cable distribution boxes, FTTH fiber boxes and other forms of installation.



    FTTH,LAN,PON & Optical CATV.

    Telecom Net

    Optical Fiber Communication System

    Optical Fiber Test Equipment


    Low insertion loss and high return loss.
    Soft ,flexiable ,easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission

    Anti-UV charateristics meet the requirements of relevant standards
    The mechanical charateristics meet the requirements of relevant standards

    Good mechanical and enviromental characteristic


    Technical Parameter

    Working Temperature (°C)
    -40 — +80
    Insertion Loss (dB)
    Return Loss( dB)
    Tensile strength(N)
    Exert a force of 1N for 1 hour at a distance of 0.5meter from the rear of connector.